Wooden Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle is a straightforward but compelling puzzle game. The wooden blocks can be moved around to form a vertical or horizontal line. Once a line has been established, it will vanish, making room for additional blocks.

Wood Block Puzzle Classic

Play the venerable block puzzle game while enjoying fresh block puzzle gameplay! Playing the free download for pc of the wooden block puzzle game is fun. You must use wooden blocks to completely fill the screen in the puzzle game 2020. The screen contains some areas that are empty and devoid of wooden blocks. In the free wooden block puzzle games, you are given an extra wooden block in the lowest portion of the screen. To finish the screen, you must place the proper wooden block in the appropriate location. You will complete the screen and complete the level in the online wooden block puzzle game. To succeed in the game, you must pass through a variety of levels. Online gamers can access the game through their browsers. Additionally, you can download it to your smartphone.


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Price: Free


In-app purchases

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A traditional and addicting wooden-style block puzzle game is called Wood Block Puzzle (also known as Qblock). Qblock tests your ability to arrange blocks of various shapes within a 1010 grid. A true classic, Wood Block Puzzle (Qblock) has no time limit and is an elimination-only game. Find the new combination mode in this timeless cube block puzzle game by playing Wood Block Puzzle - Classic Block Puzzle Game (Qblock) every day.



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